Auto Repair Services: 3 You Might Need When The Check Engine Light Comes On


Sometimes you can go weeks, months, or even years ignoring that check-engine light on your vehicle's dashboard, but eventually it's going to catch up with you. Whether it's a failed 02 sensor or a catalytic converter in need of replacement, there's a reason your check-engine light comes on every time you get in the car. When your check engine light pops on, it generally indicates you need one of these three auto repair services.

Bad 02 Sensor

Your car's 02 Sensor, or oxygen sensor, is designed to regulate the amount of oxygen entering into the combustion chamber of the car's motor. Combustion is a process of fuel and air, and too much of either will result is sub-optimal motor performance. When a motor's fuel to air mixture has too much oxygen, it is said to be running "lean", and too much fuel in the mixture means the motor is running "rich".

However, a more tangible consequence of a motor running too rich or too lean is a decrease in the vehicle's fuel economy. In fact, one expert reports that if ignored for too long, a faulty oxygen sensor can reduce your vehicle's MPG by as much as 40%.

Mass Air Flow Sensor

Another fix indicated by your check engine light is a malfunctioning mass air flow sensor. This particular sensor works in tandem with the 02 sensor, although its malfunction is related more to improper fuel levels than improper air levels in the fuel-air mixture. In short, this sensor measures the total intake of air coming into the motor and directs the vehicle's CPU to match the inflow with the correct amount of fuel.

This sensor most commonly experiences problems in dusty climates, or when motorists forgo replacing their air filters. Either way, ignoring a check engine light that signals a bad mass air flow sensor can cost hundreds of dollars in repairs.

Bad Spark Plugs

Your check engine light may also light up because one of more of your vehicle's spark plugs is bad. Some of the consequences of bad spark plugs include decreased fuel efficiency and poor acceleration, and left unchecked, may ultimately result in the failure of your catalytic converter.

Considering the hefty price tag of the average catalytic converter replacement, it's much more cost effective to simply have you vehicle inspected when the check engine light comes on.

Overall, a check engine light can indicate the need for one of myriad auto repair services, but bad oxygen and mass air flow sensors, and faulty spark plugs, are some of the most common. For more information, check out companies such as Mid-Atlantic Muffler & Brake.


10 April 2015

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