Air Not Flowing From The Air Conditioner In Your Vehicle? Here Are Some Likely Causes


When you start your vehicle and begin driving down the road, you expect that the air conditioner is going to begin blasting that cold air to keep you and your passengers comfortable. As you wait, you might become perplexed and stressed out when the air doesn't flow as strongly as you would like.

However, it might not mean that you need to pay for an entire new unit. This guide explains what might be the cause of a low-flowing air conditioner in your vehicle:

Open Seals

Your vehicle's air conditioner is full of various seals. If one of these becomes loose, the cold air won't flow as strong as it should. Here are the seals that can become loose in time:

  • evaporator core
  • core case
  • blower housing

Loose Hose

It's not uncommon for hoses to come loose during the lifespan of your vehicle. Ask your mechanic to check the blower hose to ensure a solid connection, before you purchase a brand new air conditioner.

Busted Ventilation Fan

If your ventilation fan is not working, your air conditioner will still put out a little cool air. However, the amount is minuscule and it might feel as if it's not blowing anything out at all.

Mildew or Mold

The evaporator core of your car's air conditioner can retain a small amount of moisture. When this happens, the moisture has nowhere to go and mildew or mold can build up, just like it would in any other area in your car or home that contains moisture. A good cleaning may be all that's needed to remove the mold or mildew and get the air flowing properly again.

A good sign of mildew or mold in the evaporator core is not only the fact that the air doesn't flow strongly, but you can actually smell it. If you don't feel a lot of air pressure, and you sense a musty smell, ask the mechanic to check the evaporator core.

Expect to pay up to $300 for an inspection of your vehicle's air conditioning unit, if the vehicle is not under warranty. Let them know that you would like them to check all the above air conditioning components first. Make an appointment as soon as you begin to notice that the air from the vents is not flowing as it once did. In doing so, you'll prevent more parts of the air conditioner from breaking, requiring a completely new unit, and possibly thousands of dollars in repairs.

If you want to know more, or have other questions, contact a company like Aamco Transmissions & Auto Repair to learn more.


15 April 2015

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