Things To Consider Before Buying An RV


Whether you're buying an RV for sparse recreational use, or to live out of for the next few years, the commitment is greater than most people think. There are a lot of factors that go into owning an RV -- most people don't figure out what those are until they actually own one! Take it from a seasoned RV owner and think about the following things before buying an RV.


RVs are a lot like cars in most ways, including the fact that you must have insurance to cover the RV. You will be driving the RV on roads, highways and into the wilderness alongside other cars. You need to be covered in case you get into an accident. Be sure to factor in the cost of RV insurance before signing on the dotted line.


Just like a car, your RV will require maintenance. Be sure to find a mechanic that works with big rigs, buses and RVs before you buy. Inquire about the cost of typical maintenance like oil changes, etc. Often the cost of RV maintenance is greater than the cost for an average car, so be prepared. 

Gas Mileage

RVs notoriously get bad gas mileage...even the new ones! Prepare to pay about double for gas than you would for driving the same distance in your car. 


If you're driving around the country, you'll probably want to take your car with you for occasional trips to the grocery store or other places where you won't need your RV. Check to see if your potential RVs tow package is compatible with your car. If not, you will have to get a dolly that can hold your car's front wheels and connect safely to the RVs tow package. These dollies can run well over $1,000


When you find a place to camp for the night, you'll have to consider how you'll get water and electricity. You can use the vehicle's generator and store water in the holding tanks or conserve them and find a place with hoook-ups. You'll be able to connect directly to electricity, water and a sewer line to avoid using on-board amenities.

There are a lot of things to think about before owning an RV, but just remember that all of it is worth it to see new places, camp in remote forests, view glorious vistas, and have the time of your life. Now you know a bit more about RV ownership and can prepare for the road ahead! Happy travels. To learn more, contact a company like Orangewood RV Center.


21 April 2015

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