How To Tell If Your Carburetor Is Broken


Of all the parts located under the hood of your car, the carburetor plays a key role in making sure your car runs properly. Its job is to provide a mixture of gas and air to the engine via a vacuum and helps with making your car run efficiently. A carburetor can break down over time, but how do you know if it is the problem? Follow these tips for identifying a broken carburetor.

Hard Starting Issues

You may have issues hard starting your car while the engine is either cold or hot. If you are having trouble hot hard starting your car, it may not be the carburetor's fault. Hot hard start issues can be due to a faulty fuel pump or fuel line.

Cold hard start issues can be from the choke not closing properly. Thankfully, it is easy to fix. The choke will need to be cleaned, or just need some minor adjustments done to it. You can take your car to a mechanic to do it for you, or purchase a choke and spring repair kit that will have all the tools necessary to do it yourself.

Stumbling Acceleration

Another carburetor related issue would be if your car stumbles when you are accelerating. Stumbling sensations are most likely from having too much air and not enough fuel when you accelerate. The problem can stem from a throttle shaft that needs repair or a dirty carburetor.

Engine Hesitation

Engine hesitation can happen when the engine misfires while starting, and it is commonly associated with a faulty power valve on the carburetor. A faulty power valve will not allow the carburetor to pull gas into the engine using the proper amount of power, which is what causes the misfire to occur. You will need to have the valve inspected and replaced to correct the problem

Engine Stalling

A very common problem car owners experience with their carburetor is engine stalling. It happens when you are driving at a low idle speed, and the engine shuts down. This is because the engine is not getting the proper fuel mixture or not having enough spark.

Stalling can also be due to a broken fuel line, or even bad gasoline. Make sure to have these other parts of your car inspected to narrow down what the exact cause of the problem.

If you know that you have a broken carburetor, take your car to a professional auto repair shop like Felix Auto Repair & Towing. They can give you a second opinion and perform the repair for you.


29 May 2015

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