Effective Ways To Keep Your Car Working At An Optimal Level


As a car owner, you want it to work great for as long as possible. Thanks to these steps, you can make this a possibility.

Check the Transmission Fluid

The transmission fluid of your car is important to check, as it's responsible for lubricating parts of the transmission so they don't end up overheating.

Start by turning your vehicle off and parking it. After it has had time to cool, open up the hood and locate the transmission dipstick. Take it out and wipe it clean with a rag. Insert it back inside the pipe, and take it out again. See where the fluid levels are. If they are below the full line, more transmission fluid will need to be added.

If you ever have a problem shifting gears or the gears slip periodically, you need to flush the old transmission fluid out completely and put new fluid in.

Rotate the Tires

In order to make your tires work great and last for as long as possible, you need to have them rotated. This can be done quickly and safely when you take your car into an auto repair shop.

There, professionals will first hoist your car up using a jack stand. Each tire is then taken off and inserted onto a new position on your car. This is important because it equalizes the natural wear patterns, allowing each tire to last much longer.

If your tires are directional, the front tires will be moved to the back and the back tires will be moved to the front. However, if your tires are non-directional, professionals will move your tires based off a cross pattern. In order to prevent premature tire wear, it is recommended to have your tires rotated every 3,000-6,000 miles

Upgrade the Parts

After driving your car for years, you may need to upgrade the parts. If you are looking for more speed, installing a cool air exhaust system is a good idea. This part is designed with minimal bends, which helps more cool air reach the engine. The end result is more power and torque for your car.

You might also consider setting up a performance chip on your car. These chips are designed to fine tune your car, essentially giving it more power and better fuel economy.

In order to keep your car working at an optimal level, you can take these steps. If done correctly, you can save time and money in terms of dealing with future repairs.

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30 May 2015

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