How To Correctly Install Wiper Blades On A Car


Windshield wipers will wear down over time and eventually stop clearing away water and other contaminants off the windshield. The wiper blades are necessary to ensure that the driver's windshield can be cleared in the event of bad weather, or when dirt or debris gets splashed on it. A clear driver's windshield is absolutely necessary when operating a motor vehicle of any kind, and you should not drive a vehicle without properly working wiper blades. When that occurs, you need to remove the old windshield wipers and replace them with a brand new pair. Here is a step-by-step set of instructions on how to replace a set of windshield wipers.

1 - Start by purchasing a new set of windshield wipers from your local auto parts dealer. Consult with the dealer and make sure that the wipers are the correct match for your make and model of vehicle. You want to make sure that the wipers you buy will fit on your car and have the correct clips to attach to your car.

2 - When you have the new wiper, park the car in a safe location out of the way of traffic and that will allow you enough space to work.

3 - Shut off the car and pull the old wipers into the up position on the car. With the wipers up, press and hold the tab where the wiper meets the arm and unhook the blade from the vehicle.

4 - Repeat step three and remove the second wiper from the vehicle. With both wipers removed, you can dispose of the wipers in the garbage.

5 - Take the new wipers and remove them from the packaging, then line them up with the metal arms on the car. Hook the metal arm onto the plastic clip of the blade, and you should then hear a clicking noise when the blade is secured in place.

6 - Repeat step five to install the second brand new wiper blade.

7 - Now with both wipers installed, you can test the wipers by turning on the car and spraying the windshield with washer fluid. If you have installed the blades correctly, then the blades will remove the fluid off the windshield.

If the blades do not remove the fluid off the windshield, then you may have incorrectly installed the blades. If that happens, you can take your car to a local auto mechanic repair shop like Foley Auto & RV Repair to find out what exactly the problem is and why the blades are not working properly.


2 September 2015

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