RV Black Water Tank Overfill False Alarms


One thing that no RV owner wants to experience during a road trip is black water tank issues. The black water tank is the holding tank for the human waste flushed down the toilet. If this tank overflows, you face a number of issues that you honestly don't want to have to deal with. To avoid this problem, most tanks are equipped with overfill alarms. Unfortunately, the level indicators and alarms can provide you with false readings, but here, you will find how what you can do to put a stop to false alarms. 

Why is the indicator and alarm giving you false readings and alerts?

The most common reason for false readings and alerts is debris caught up in the tank. To eliminate the false alarms, you must eliminate the debris.

How do you stop false alarms?

Flush the Holding Tank

Empty the tank and flush it out well. To flush the tank, feed a garden hose into it through the toilet. Turn the water on and fill the tank with clean water. Try to move the hose around as you fill the tank to wash the debris off of the sides of the tank and break down any solids that just won't go easily.

After the tank has been filled, empty it once more and see if this worked for you.

Try Chemical Treatments

There are a number of chemicals used for treating the black waste water in your RV. These chemicals work to break down the solids and toilet paper that is in your tank. This will help to prevent it from sticking to the sides of the tank and stop the false alarms.

Note: Another benefit of black tank chemical treatments is a decrease in odors coming from it through the toilet.

Try a New Toilet Paper

Toilet paper that you use in your home isn't really meant for use in your RV. There is specially made toilet paper for RV use. This toilet paper breaks up more quickly and won't cause as many issues with the black tank and toilet system.

Use Extra Water

If the false alarm is a common occurrence in your RV, it is quite possible that you aren't using enough water when you flush the toilet. The black tank needs an adequate amount of water in it to prevent the solids and toilet paper from sticking to the sides. Run the water for 25 seconds or so while flushing to ensure enough water is in the tank.

If you continue to experience the black tank level indicator and alarm, talk with your local RV repair technician (such as one from Auto-Truck Services Inc) for more assistance. 


28 September 2015

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