4 Tips To Stop Premature Tire Wear Dead In Its Tracks


Sometimes you wonder what happened to your tires; you just replaced them a few months ago, and they are worn out already. Why are your tires wearing out prematurely? How can you stop this? Here are a four tips you can follow to stop premature tire wear dead in its tracks.

Tip #1: Frequently Rotate Your Tires

Your car tires do not perform the same functions when it comes to breaking and loading. They also do not bear the same weight during any of the process. As a result, car tires wear out unevenly. Because of this, it is advisable to rotate your tires periodically. This will cause them to wear evenly. Consult with your mechanic or service provider, like XL Auto Service & Tires, to know how often you are to rotate your tires.

Tip #2: Ensure Your Wheels Are Properly Aligned

When a car's wheels are not properly aligned, one or more of the wheels may carry more weight than it should. With this added weight and pressure, the tire will end up wearing prematurely. To stop this, each time you take your car for service, make sure that you have the wheels aligned. Do not wait until you have traveled on a rough road or gotten into an accident to align your wheels. 

Tip #3: Always Have the Right Balance of Tire Pressure

Friction also causes tires to wear down. What controls the amount of friction between the road and your car tire is the pressure in the tire. Having lower or higher pressure than what is required for your car will increase the amount of friction, thus causing premature tire wear. Therefore, always make sure you have the right amount of pressure in your tire.

Tip #4: Make Sure Your Tires Are Balanced

Balanced tires will definitely prolong your car tire's life. Look at it this way: tire balancing reduces the vibration of the tire and the wheels as they move. If the tire and the wheels vibrate as they move, they increase friction between the tire and the road. As a result, your car tire will wear out prematurely. By balancing your car's tires, you are limiting the amount of friction between your tire and the road, thus prolonging your tire's life.

Following the four tips listed above will help you prevent premature wear of your tires. However, it does not mean that you should prolong changing your tires against the manufacturer's suggestions.


22 October 2015

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