3 Signs That You Need Your Transmission Serviced


Having to rebuild your vehicle's transmission can easily be the most expensive car repair to deal with and this is why recognizing transmission problems before they escalate is critical. Whether you drive an automatic or manual transmission vehicle, there are a few things that can inform you of any defects that you transmission may have, such as the following:

Rattle and Grinding Noises When Shifting:

When your vehicle shifts into a higher or lower gear is there noise present? Does your car shake? If either of these two are present, your transmission may have a cracked gear which can prevent your vehicle from transitioning into a different gear without any hesitations or grinding noises. Gears can be replaced, but you will want to be certain that you do so as soon as possible, as failing to do so can cause and create further issues to your transmission.

A Burning Smell After Driving in The City:

After driving around the city do you notice a burning smell coming from your vehicle? If so, there could be a good chance that this smell is coming from your transmission. If you haven't had your transmission fluid flushed and replaced in a long time then your transmission fluid can become old, dirty, and build up deposits in your transmission. Because your transmission reaches very high temperatures when you're driving around, this can cause your transmission to burn, which can potentially be the smell that you are noticing after driving around. So, if you smell burning coming from your car, consider taking it in so you can have your transmission fluid flushed and replaced.

Delayed Response When Shifting:

When shifting into your gears, your clutch applies pressure towards the transmission's pressure plate and flywheel, and this allows your car to shift into a different gear. Well, if your gear is burning out or failing then this can cause a delay in how your transmission responds when shifting into a lower or higher gear. So, if you notice that your car doesn't shift into a different gear immediately, then you may need to bring your car into a repair shop so you can have your clutches replaced. Knowing when your clutch is failing is very important, as this can help stop many major damages from occurring.

Knowing these factors will help you understand when and why your transmission isn't working properly and this will ensure you receive transmission repairs before any issues become a more serious and more expensive problem.

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6 November 2015

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