Car Tips: 4 Reasons Your Car Isn't Starting


You expect your car to start when you turn the key, but what if it doesn't? Hopefully the following guide will help you find out what is going on during this frustrating time. 

The Battery

One of the common reasons your car may not start may be your battery. You may already know how to get a jump start from a friendly fellow driver, or you can follow the link to learn. But, the issue could also lie with your battery's connection to the red or black cables. Check--with your car off while wearing protective gloves--just how secure the connection is. You can tighten them using a wrench.

Your battery might also be corroded, which looks like a buildup of off-white residue on the connections that are not allowing proper connectivity. This is something that your auto care specialist can help you take care of.

The Fuel Filter

This helps remove debris from the gasoline attempting to make it into you engine. But, just like other filters, it will get clogged up if it is not replaced in time. This blockage could hinder fuel delivery and cause your car to not start.

The following are a few other related symptoms to look out for:

  • Misfires while idling
  • Stalling or stalling symptoms under heavy loads or steep roads

You can talk to your auto care specialist to help you replace the fouled fuel filter.

The Starter

Another possibility is your vehicle's starter, which transmits the spark needed to fire up combustion in your engine. Your car will fail to start if this compartment is not working properly. You might also have noticed the following signs of starter problems:

  • Grinding or whining sounds when you attempt to start the car
  • Smoke coming from under the hood when start is attempted, which could be a short

Talk to your auto care specialist about this problem to get to the bottom of it.

The Spark Plugs

The plugs help ignite the combustion within your engine with a quick spark, but these could fail. Your car might not start because your spark plugs have failed. The following are other signs of bad spark plugs:

  • Idling might feel rough
  • An engine miss from time to time
  • There may be power surges or a decrease of horse power

You can talk to your auto care specialist about any of these issues should you notice any of the aforementioned symptoms. Or you may have another issue altogether like a bad carburetor. Contact an auto repair company, such as Newton Tire Company, for more information. 


23 December 2015

what is keeping your car from starting?

You get in your car, turn the key and nothing happens. Your day is immediately put on hold and you don't know what to do. Could it be a dead battery, a bad starter or some other unknown element in the car keeping you from going about your business? To learn about the many things that could be keeping your car from starting, visit through my website. Here, you will find a run-down of the many things that could be causing your problem, so that you can more quickly get the problem resolved and get back to your day as you had it planned.