Know Your BMW: The 4 Signs Of Transmission Trouble


A BMW can be a beauty of a machine. It is designed to drive with courage, coast with ease, and steer like magic. Of course, you only get this experience if your BMW is in good shape. A BMW in need of repair is not just inconvenient, but it can be downright dangerous. Furthermore, one of the most important parts of your BMW is the transmission. Therefore, be sure to keep a lookout for these 4 signs of transmission trouble and seek a repair professional (such as one from August European) if you suspect an issue: 

Slipping Transmission

A transmission that is slipping, it might feel to you as though your car is stuck in one particular gear. Even if you upshift or downshift, the car doesn't seem to respond accordingly. For example, you may be going 60mph on the highway, but the engine is revving at an incredibly high speed (and loudly). This is a bad sign. If you hear the characteristic whining or loud spinning coming from the transmission, it's time to seek repair. Also, beware of the acceleration speed. If you all of the sudden notice lower acceleration, this could also be a sign of a slipping transmission. 

Shifting is Rough

In addition to slow shifting, you'll want to beware of rough shifting. If your BMW is jerky - slowing and accelerating rapidly - during shifting, it could mean that your transmission is not interacting with your clutch properly. It could be a sign of improper fluid levels or simply a gear in poor shape. Regardless, if you notice this "clunking" sound when shifting, it's a sign of more issues to come.

The Engagement is Delayed

This issue is similar to rough shifting. When you are in the parked position ("P") and you shift into drive ("D"), this activates your gears and you should steadily roll into motion without much hassle. However, if there is a significantly longer delay than usual between the action of shifting into D and the actual forward movement of your vehicle, it could mean your transmission isn't doing its job.

Leaking Fluid

Sometimes, your air conditioner can leak when your car sits still, leaving a puddle. This is merely condensation and is not an issue. However, if you see red fluid under your car, this is a tell-tale sign of a transmission leak.

Your BMW may be a well-built machine, but it has mechanical and fluid needs just like any other car. If you want to continue to drive your BMW and stay safe, comfortable, and in control, beware of the 4 signs above. If you notice them, call your BMW repair professional for reliable help.


20 January 2016

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