A Quick Guide To Specialty Truck Bodies


If you are running your own business, and own a truck, there are a lot of truck bodies you can get put onto your truck so that it fits your specific business needs better. Here is a quick overview of some of the specialty truck bodies that your truck could potentially be equipped with. 

#1 Service Bodies

If you run any type of service business, a service truck body may be exactly what you need. Typically service truck bodies include shelves, drawers and cabinets for you to put your belongings into. You can also have lifts built on your truck to help you maneuver your heavier equipment. 

These types of trucks are often used for electrical, plumbing and small construction businesses. 

The bodies can fit on a typical pickup truck, and are generally light weight. They don't negatively impact the trucks' carrying capacity and generally make your truck stronger and more durable. 

#2 Crane Bodies

A crane body looks a lot like a service body; it includes shelves, drawers, cabinets and compartments for your equipment. Additionally, a crane is placed in the bed of the pickup truck. The body can be crafted to support a variety of different boom-cranes. You can use the cranes to move around heavy materials. These trucks work well for construction professionals who need to move around heavy objects. 

These body kits are generally a little heavier than service body kits. Your truck may need a little work done to it so that it can adequately support the extra weight of a crane body. 

#3 Landscape Bodies

If you run a landscaping or similar style business, a landscape body may be perfect for your truck. A landscape body looks like a big cage is added to the back of your truck. The body goes where the truck bed should be located. It has higher sides than a typical pick-up bed, and the back of the truck may have a lift attached to it. Additionally, the back of the truck should be sealed off with a gate. 

This will allow you to store large equipment and transport it easily in your truck, such as lawn mower or snow blower. It also gives you space to hang up your tools, such as the shovels and racks that you use on your job sites. 

If a regular business truck does not meet your business needs, you can take your truck to a company that creates truck bodies, like Metropolitan Truck Center Inc, and using one of the basic body types above, have them custom make a body that will fit your truck and your specific business needs. 


11 February 2016

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