5 Signs That Your Car's Engine Block May Be Cracked


If the engine block of your car or truck becomes cracked, your vehicle can no longer be driven safely. Although a cracked engine block does not occur often, when it does happen, there are signs that often present. Here are a few indications that the engine block of your car or truck is cracked:

Milky Oil

Good oil is clear or yellowish in color. Old oil will likely be dark in color, especially if it has been a while since your last oil change. However, if antifreeze has mixed with the oil after escaping from a crack in the engine block, the oil will appear milky in color. This whitening of the oil is usually a definitive sign that the engine block has been compromised.

Spotted Antifreeze

If oil has leaked into the antifreeze chamber, the antifreeze will have dark spots of oil floating on the top surface. You will be able to see the dark circles of oil when you remove the radiator cap.


A cracked engine block can cause your vehicle to overheat. If the crack is positioned in a place where antifreeze can leak out, your engine temperatures can no longer be efficiently maintained. Overheating that results from a cracked engine block may be signaled by an elevated result on the temperature display gauge of your dashboard. In addition, white smoke may come from the area under the hood of your car as the car overheats.

Dark-colored Smoke

If dark smoke pours from under the hood of your car or truck when the vehicle is in operation, it may be due to exhaust that is escaping from a cracked engine block. Usually, engine exhaust is directed through the exhaust system and exits through the exhaust pipe in the rear of your vehicle. However, when dark-colored smoke escapes through the crack in an engine block, it will be viewed coming from underneath the hood of your car.

Lack of Power

A crack in the engine block can lower the pressure within the engine. This can result in a loss of engine power. In addition, the idle of your engine may seem rough and inconsistent.

If you are noticing signs that the engine block in your vehicle may be cracked, schedule an appointment with an engine specialist as soon as possible. A cracked block may require the installation of a rebuilt or replacement engine. Still, the mechanic will be able to review the extent of the damages and make a suitable recommendation. Consider a company like Bearsch's United Auto Center for the repair.


23 February 2016

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