How To Spot Trouble With Your Car's Transmission


When something goes wrong with your car, what is your first reaction? Chances are you baby the engine because you know it's the heart of the car. But there's more to a car than just its engine. The transmission is another major component. You might compare it to lungs, and if they don't work, you'll need life support.

An automatic transmission engages gears, allowing the vehicle to shift as speed increases or decreases. A failing or failed transmission won't necessarily kill your car, but it will stop it from going anywhere without assistance. So how do you spot trouble with your car's transmission?

Look and Listen For Rough Shifts

A telltale sign of transmission trouble is rough shifts. The car may hesitate where it would normally shift gears. Severity varies, but a rough shift can feel like a slight hesitation or a full jerk that physically causes the vehicle to lurch forward and/or backward right as or after it shifts.

In some cases, rough shifting is less of a feeling and more of a sound. A distinct clunk, thud or metal-on-metal grinding sound when the car is put in gear or shifts can indicate a brewing problem.

Look For Power Issues

Does your car feel like it's losing power? It used to get up and go when you hit the gas. Now, you're wondering why your 4-cyl feels like a 2-cyl and your 6-cyl feels like a four. Power issues can be a sign of transmission trouble.

Note Strange Smells or Leaks

If the transmission is experiencing technical difficulties, chances are you will notice a strange smell or accumulation of fluid beneath the car. If your vehicle does not usually have a certain odor or a puddle beneath its parking space, the transmission may need service.

Transmission fluid leaks are easy to spot. The puddle in your parking spot will be bright red and have a sweet or tart scent. If your fluid levels are low, there is a leak. Transmission fluid does not burn like oil or gas. Lack of enough fluid can cause the entire transmission to lock, which is a fatal outcome.

Watch Your Dashboard

Transmission trouble might trigger a check engine light. Watch your dashboard for sign of impending issues. If a warning light turns on, get your vehicle to an auto shop like Rolling Bay Automotive promptly to avoid rapid deterioration.

Your car's transmission is an integral part of its operation. Don't let a possible problem go unaddressed. Transmission trouble can be costly, and the sooner you diagnose the problem, the better.


4 May 2016

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