3 Tips For Saving Money On Auto Brake Repairs


Auto brake repairs are going to be necessary at some point. This is because the brake pads on your vehicle will become worn over time and they will need to be replaced, especially once you hear a squealing noise when you step on the brakes. This means that the pads are worn and the metal is now exposed causing metal on metal contact, which does not make for a smooth transition when coming to a stop while driving. Since getting auto brake repair services is necessary, you cannot avoid the cost, but you can save money on the repairs by considering these three tips:

Ask About the Fit: 

Many auto repair shops will replace the brake pads in your vehicle with a generic brand, which works with most vehicles. However, you should ask if this is the case with your own vehicle. If the fit is off slightly, then you may still hear squealing when you brake your vehicle, which means that the rotors are still experiencing some wear and tear. If your vehicle will not take well to a generic brand of brake pads, then you will want to take your car to the dealership to ensure that the brake pads are replaced with pads that are made to fit your specific make and model vehicle. 

Ask Why You Need More Than Brake Pad Replacement: 

When you take your vehicle into an auto repair shop for brake pad replacement, the mechanics will inspect the brakes further to ensure that no other parts are worn, such as the calipers and the rotors. If they discover that other components need replacing, ask why this is. In some cases, the mechanics may advise you that the rotors or calipers can be resurfaced instead of replaced, which is a better option since it is overall cheaper. 

Ensure They Ask Your Permission for Further Repairs: 

To ensure that you are made aware of repairs that go beyond brake pad replacement, you should request that the auto shop double checks with you before making any further repairs. You want to be sure that you not only guarantee permission but also sign off on the repairs being done on paper. This will show the specific cost that you agree to so you are not left in the dark about your total cost at the end. 

When you consider the following tips when you need auto brake repairs, you can be sure that you are saving as much money as possible on the routine task. 


29 June 2016

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