Tips For Towing A Trailer


Towing a trailer will require you as the owner and driver to handle a few things. Some of the most important steps include figuring out what equipment you need to tow the trailer, remembering some tips for driving while towing the vehicle and understanding the laws in your state. To go a little bit more in depth on each of these matters, read below.

Buying The Right Equipment For Towing

Before towing a camper, you will need to figure out exactly what you would need for the job. The equipment below include some necessities:

  1. A ball mount – this piece of equipment, also referred to as a draw bar, houses the mounted ball to create the hitch connection. You will need to purchase the size, style or height that best suits your towing truck.
  2. The trailer hitch receiver – this component attaches to the vehicle's underside as a foundation for the tow. The standard size for one of these trailer hitches is either 1.25" x 1.25" or 2" x 2".
  3. The trailer hitch ball – this is the point of connection between the towing truck and the camper.

Driving Tips When Towing A Camper

There are some very important tips to make sure that you are driving efficiently and safely while towing a trailer:

Observe longer brake times – it will be harder to stop on a dime since you are towing a heavy vehicle. Because of this, increase the distance and time that you begin to slow down before coming to a stop.

Keep the electric brake controllers working – this system communicates with the brakes so that the temporary brake lights alert vehicles when you are slowing down and stopping. These brake systems can sometimes malfunction on you, so always keep them in the best condition.

Know your vehicle – the size of your vehicle will determine the way that you drive in certain conditions. For instance, if you are dealing with a larger trailer, wind from passing drivers can affect the trailer's stability.

Know Your State's Laws

States have different laws when it comes to towing trailers. For example, in Indiana, the maximum towing length is 60 feet, while New Jersey does doesn't touch on tow length, but limits towing to a maximum of one trailer or boat. Knowing these laws will help you avoid an expensive ticket.

Following these tips will be helpful when you are towing a trailer. Contact a business, such as Exit 48-24 Hour Repair, for more information.   


4 July 2016

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