Can't Get Your Tire Indication Light To Go Off?


Your tire pressure warning light has come on. At first, you thought it was just a warning to say you need to pump the air up in your tires. Now, you can't get it to turn off, so what does it really mean? What do you need to do right now?

Is It Operating Correctly?

The first thing to check sit that your tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) is working correctly. Like any other part of the car, the gauge can go and often without any warning. The light may be on telling you there is a non-existent problem. Take the car to the dealership to check it out if you are worried.

Are Your Tires at the Correct Level?

According to Popular Mechanics, between 20% and 50% of cars are driven with tires that are 20% under the recommended amount of inflation. In most cases, the tire pressure light won't come on until the pressure is 25% below, but if it has already come on it may stay on until your tires are at the correct level. Double check to make sure you do have enough air in all your tires.

Running at 20% below the required level will mean poor fuel consumption and you running the risk of a blow off and having further damage to your car.

Is There a Reset Button?

Some vehicles have a reset button that you will need to press for your TPMS. Check your manual to see if your vehicle is one of those. It could be on the dashboard, but some will be to one side. In some cases, the button is in the glove box or through the radio controls. Pull over and look for the button to get that warning light off your dash.

Have You Overinflated?

Having overinflated tires is not any better for the car than underinflated ones. If you pump your tires up too much, the warning system may stick on. Check your manual for the best recommendation on pressure for your exact make and model, and the type of tires that you have. Overinflated tires will lead to extra wear in the middle of the tires.

That TPMS system won't initially come on when your tires start to drop in pressure, but it can stick on even when you act. In many cases, it is due to not inflating them enough or not pressing the reset button. Check your make and model, and don't worry about taking it into the garage if you feel it is faulty.

Take your vehicle to an auto repair shop for more help.


12 July 2016

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