3 Maintenance Tasks To Help Your Car Deal With Extreme Heat And Avoid Overheating


The summer heat means that cars get a lot of extra wear do to the heat. Just like you may be overwhelmed by heatwaves, the same thing can happen to your car without proper care. Since most cars are air cooled with fans and radiators, modern commutes in traffic can compound these problems. To avoid these problems, maintenance like flushing the coolant and checking auxiliary fans can help reduce the potential for overheating problems. Here are some simple maintenance tasks that you can do to ensure your car does not overheat during a heatwave:

1. Check And Upgrade Auxiliary Fans To Ensure Proper Cooling In Traffic

Auxiliary fans are an essential component of the cooling systems in modern cars. They provide the radiator with air to cool the engine when idling or stopped in traffic. Often, the fuse for these auxiliary fans can go out and you may not even notice. This is something that you may want to check from time to time. If replacing a fuse does not work, you may want to have the fan replaced to ensure that you do not have any problems with the auxiliary fan working in traffic jams during hot days.

2. Change Fluids To Ensure Your Car Has Protection From Viscosity Breakdown

It is also important to change the fluids of your car to ensure that you do not have and problems with the coolant. You may want to consider having the oil and coolant changed to fluids that are more suitable in high temperatures. The manifold of the engine can also become stopped up and restrict flow of fluids and other problems. Removing the manifold and taking it to an auto machining service can help solve the problem with debris stopping up your cooling system.

3. Revise Oil And Coolant Regularly To Ensure That Your Car Does Not Go Without Fluids

It is also important to check the oil in your car consistently, as well as the coolant. This is something that it is a good idea to get in the habit of doing every time you put gas in your car. When you do this, it is also a good idea to inspect the brakes too, which neglecting to change the pads can lead to serious problems and warped disks. If brake disks become worn, you can remove them and take them to a machining shop to have them worked to ensure you do not have excessive wear when you change brake pads.

These are some of the maintenance tasks that you may want to do to ensure your car does not have problems with overheating this summer. If you need help with machining of parts of your car, contact an auto machining shop to help you with some of these tasks. To learn more, contact a company like G P Automotive


2 August 2016

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