How To Tell If Your Semi's Transmission Is Failing


Owning your own transportation company can be a great way to generate income, but only if the trucks in your fleet remain in good working condition over time. Transmission troubles could sideline your semis for an extended period of time, so it's important that you are able to spot these transmission problems early and invest in the repairs needed to keep your trucks on the road.

Here are three signs to be looking for as you monitor the condition of your semi's transmission in the future.

1. Watch for fluid leaks.

One of the easiest ways to spot potential transmission problems is to carefully monitor fuel levels in your semi. You should take the time to conduct a pre-trip inspection each time you get ready to hit the road, and this inspection should include a thorough check of your semi's transmission fluid.

If you notice fluid levels dropping suddenly, this could indicate a leak that will compromise the efficiency and performance of your semi over time. Take the semi to a reputable mechanic for diagnosis and repairs when you identify a transmission fluid leak in the future.

2. Pay attention to your semi's shifting.

When your semi truck's transmission is performing properly, you should be able to shift smoothly from one gear to the next. If you notice that your truck is giving you some resistance or seems to have trouble engaging when you are shifting gears, this could be an early warning sign that the truck's transmission is beginning to fail.

Having a mechanic inspect the semi's transmission for signs of damage when you notice changes in shifting can be beneficial in preventing serious transmission problems that could sideline the vehicle in the future.

3. Listen for odd sounds.

If you are trying to maintain the quality of your semi's transmission, you need to turn off the radio from time to time and take a listen to the sounds your truck is making during operation. You shouldn't hear any clunking or grinding sounds when you are shifting gears.

If you do hear any odd sounds, these could be a sign that your truck's transmission is in trouble. Have a mechanic troubleshoot odd sounds being produced by your semi to keep the truck running more reliably in the future.

Having the ability to spot some signs of transmission failure will help you get your semi the mechanical help it needs to avoid serious transmission problems in the future. Contact a shop, like Color Country Diesel Inc, for more help.


1 December 2017

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