3 Simple Tactics To Protect Your Car Windshield From Hail


With sizes ranging from just five millimeters all the way up to six inches in diameter, hailstones are a common concern for vehicle owners because these things can cause so much damage when they are hurled from the sky. Your biggest concern will be protecting your windshield from getting damaged during a storm that includes hail. Take a look at a few simple tactics to protect your car windshield during a hailstorm. 

If you're on the road, find covered parking. 

Being caught on the road during a hailstorm is the scariest, and it is best if you at least pull over so you do not get injured or into an accident because you can't see or hear. However, try your best to find covered parking somewhere in the vicinity. Look for gas stations, a parking garage, or any other covered parking place you can. Sometimes even restaurant drive-throughs will have covered awnings over the path around the building. If nothing else, pull your car under a large tree; the branches can deter some of the hail so it doesn't hit your windshield. 

Cover your windshield with whatever you have available. 

If you are out and can't find covered parking or a tree to park under, grab whatever you have in the car to spread over the windshield. Something as simple as a baby blanket or a jacket can soften the blow of the stones so you don't end up with cracks and dings in the glass. If you keep a sun protector in the car, this can also help thwart damage from hail if you place it on the outside of the windshield instead of the inside of the car. In a pinch, even the floor mats on the floor of your car can be taken up and placed over the glass for protection. 

Move your car close to a building. 

If you cannot find covered parking and have nothing in your car to protect the glass, try parking close to a building in the area. If the stones are being hurled in a slightly horizontal direction, the building can help keep some of the hailstones from hitting your vehicle. A building with an overhang on the roof can also help shield you from the hail as it comes down. Try parking either parallel to the building or with the front of your vehicle as close to the building as possible. 

If you suffer damage to your windshield, contact local windshield replacement services.


7 January 2019

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