Why Do My Tires Need To Be Aligned So Often?


Does it seem like you have to keep getting your tires aligned way too often? You're not alone. Alignment seems like one of those things you should do periodically, of course, but not every few months. If you keep getting told by your mechanic that you need another tire alignment, more than you usually do, it's time to find out the real cause. Sometimes that cause is something that can't really be helped that much -- but at least you'll know what's really going on.

First, Check out the Car Itself

First, you have to be sure the car itself is fine and that nothing in the car itself is causing the alignment to fail so much. You also have to be sure your mechanic is being truthful. Taking your car in for a checkup at another mechanic is a good idea; your friends and co-workers should be able to suggest some.

It is entirely possible that your car really does need an alignment, and that nothing else in your car is creating the problem. But you have to eliminate those two possibilities first so you can be sure that the car itself is sound and you're not spending money needlessly.

Small Potholes Don't Have Small Effects

Assuming the car itself is fine, and the mechanic is being truthful, the next potential culprit is an increased number of potholes -- even small ones. The jarring motion and impact of having your tires drop and then pop up as they run over a pothole can make the alignment go out of whack, and all the rain and ice over the past winter has made the pothole problem much worse. It's no secret that huge potholes are a problem, but repeated instances of running over shallower potholes are also to blame.

Neither Do the Edges of Driveways

When you make a turn, especially a tight right turn, and you run over the raised edge of a driveway, you're kind of creating a pothole-like experience for the car, only in reverse (instead of down-up, the tire is going up-down, but the jarring effect is the same). If your mechanic keeps telling you that your right rear tire is in worse shape than the others, then take a look at how many times you accidentally run over a curb when making a right turn. That can affect a tire badly.

You can drive more carefully to avoid running over curbs. However, there's not much you can do about potholes other than to find better routes or drive more slowly so that the effect on your tires is more gentle. For the time being, keep watch on your tires and get the alignments done. For more information, contact your local auto services.


27 March 2019

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