2 Mistakes While Caring for Your New Luxury Car That May Result in Costly Repairs


If you have recently purchased your first new luxury car, such as a BMW, you may not completely understand some of the intricacies of taking care of a high-end vehicle. As a result, you may wind up making mistakes that could result in costly repairs. And, even if you take your car to your regular mechanic, they may not have the proper training to work on such vehicles and could possibly make the same mistakes. The following are only a couple of the things you should never do while taking care of your new luxury car.

1. Use Any Type of Oil During Oil Changes

Because you want to make sure your new car's motor runs smoothly for as long as you drive your vehicle, you may already know the importance of regularly changing the oil. However, if you or your mechanic make the mistake of using the wrong oil, you may wind up with a severely damaged engine.

Most luxury car manufacturers recommend not only a specific type of oil, but they may even state which brand you need to use. Most often, synthetic oils are recommended because they hold up better to the heat of the engine and have fewer corrosive ingredients.

If you use regular oil in an engine that is designed to use synthetic, you may wind up burning up the bearings or stripping the gears. The wrong oil could also corrode the inside of the motor, making it necessary to flush it out or even replace it if the damage is severe enough.

2. Jump-Start a Dead Battery

As with any vehicle, if you leave your lights on, you may come out to find that you have a dead battery. Because you are used to other types of cars, you may ask someone to jump-start your car for you.

However, jump-starting a dead battery in some luxury vehicles could end up frying the electrical system. Because many high-end cars have intricate wiring that feeds their many features, sudden jolts of power could damage the electrical system or even the central computer. If you have had this happen, and your car either won't start at all or is acting strangely, some type of damage may have been done that will need to be inspected.

Because of its precision motor and complex electrical system, any mistakes you make while taking care of your luxury car could cause extensive damage. If you have made either of the above mistakes, take your car to a BMW auto repair shop, such as Jim Stephen's Foreign Car Repair, so that a mechanic specially trained to work on high-end luxury vehicles can find and fix any issues they find.


8 May 2019

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