4 Signs Your Transmission Needs Service


One thing you don't want going bad on your car is your transmission. When the transmission needs to be replaced, sometimes, it's better just to scrap the car and buy something different. You see, transmission replacement isn't cheap and it isn't a project that most at-home mechanics can do on their own. So, to protect your car's transmission, know the signs that there's something that needs repaired or serviced to prevent complete destruction of the transmission.

Gear Slippage                                    

One of the most obvious signs that there are problems with the transmission is when the gears slip. If you notice that the car feels like it is in neutral for a second before it begins to accelerate, get to the transmission shop immediately. Continuing to drive the car like that will most definitely lead to more serious damage and potentially complete transmission replacement.

Slow Engagement

When you put your car in gear, it should immediately shift into the selected gear. If it takes a second or two to engage, you need to get the car serviced. Slow engagement can be a sign that the transmission is low on fluid or has a part or two that needs to be replaced or adjusted.

Grinding and Knocking Noises

Your car should quietly shift from one gear to the next without any real noises – if you're hearing any kind of a knocking or grinding noise, something is in serious need of attention. Stop driving it and get to a transmission shop immediately. If caught early enough, you may be able to get some components replaced, rather than the entire transmission.

Check Engine Lights

This is probably one of the most ignored features in a car. When your check engine light is on, it's a sign that there's something not quite right with the vehicle – sure, some of the codes may not lead to much, but if you ignore the light and continue driving around as if nothing is wrong, you're playing with fire. That light could be letting you know that there's an electrical problem with the transmission, or even a sensor that can cause the transmission to malfunction could be bad – get to the shop and have the codes read - only then will you know if it's safe to continue driving the vehicle without damaging it.

When it doubt – have it checked out! Preventing transmission damage is the best way to avoid the costly repairs that come when the transmission quits completely. Hopefully, the tips above will help you protect your car's transmission from failure. You can learn more from a transmission repair shop like AAA Commercial Transmission


23 July 2019

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