How To Confidently Hire Event Valet Parking


Event valet parking is often critical to putting together a function. The issue of finding a company that does top-tier event valet parking management, though, can be a challenge. You probably don't need these sorts of services all the time, and it can be hard to look at providers and feel confident that you can make an apples-to-apples comparison. Let's take a look at three things you can do to feel more confident about the process.

Verify Insurance

Providing event valet parking services means dealing with lots of vehicles that belong to other folks. Even the absolute most razor-sharp and best companies in the business are going to eventually have incidents. You especially don't want the cost of damages to land on you, but you also don't want any of your guests to have to suffer through a burdensome claims process if anything happens either.

When a company says it's insured, don't take their word for it. Ask for proof of insurance that will cover your guest's vehicles and any potential damage to nearby property. You should also ask for proof of worker's compensation insurance for their drivers. If they use contractors rather than employees as drivers, it may be best to consider hiring a different business.

Ask About Their Process

Be abundantly clear that you care about the process. Inquire about whether a manager will be on-site during the event to direct the team of drivers. Get details in writing about how the company handles everything from collecting keys to dealing tips. If you need the valets to honor a dress code, you'll also want the specifics of your dress code included in any agreement.

The physical setup matters, too. Will there be signs directing visitors? Will there be a stand set up that people can check in at? How will they ensure keys and cars are secure during the event?

Check if Permits Are Needed

You should discuss your location with the event valet parking company you intend to hire. Ask them where in the area cars will need to go and where they'll have to be parked. If they need to use any local resources, such as street-side parking, it's best to contact the municipality yourself to ask them what the permitting process is.

You should also ask anyone else whose resources will be used for permission. Don't assume the nearby business with the big, empty parking lot won't care.


2 October 2019

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