What To Know About New Tire Warranties And Guarantees


If you need to purchase new tires for your vehicle, you likely have questions about what kind of warranty will come with it. There are manufacturer warranties that come with every tire and even additional road hazard protection that you can purchase. Here is what you need to know about tire warranties 

Buy-and-Try Warranties

Many major tire brands are offering try-and-buy warranties, which allow you to return the tires for either an exchange or a full warranty if you are not happy with them. This can be advantageous if you are trying a new type of tire, such as a run-flat tire that will hold up if the tire ends up having a hole in it. The sidewalls of the tire are much stiffer than a normal tire, which can cause the ride to be louder and rougher on the vehicle. Know that you can take a chance on these tires and return them if you do not like them, but only if they qualify. You can also use this warranty to try out winter tires or performance tires to see if they are right for you.

Road Hazard Warranties

Your tire shop may also offer you a road hazard warranty, which will cover your tires if they are damaged under normal driving conditions. Make sure you fully understand what the tire covers so that you know what kind of warranty is being offered.

For example, it is common for road hazard to only give you a percentage of the cost of the tire based on how much it is worn down. If you've used about half of the tread of the tire, you would only receive 50% of the cost of a replacement tire that is similar. This can help provide you with significant savings if you run over a nail and have your tire blow out on the road. 

Another thing to understand about a road hazard warranty is what cost you pay to have the tire mounted and balanced. It may be an additional out-of-pocket cost to have the tire shop perform this service for you. 

Manufacturer's Warranties

Every tire will have a manufacturer's warranty that covers defects with the tire that are out of your control. These are typical for an amount of time or a specific amount of miles put on the tires. You may be able to purchase a supplemental warranty to add additional time or miles to this warranty. For more information, visit a tire shop near you. 


19 May 2020

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