Is Your DPF Filter In Need Of Replacement? What You Should Know


Your diesel engine relies on a diesel particulate filter (DPF) to keep your engine's exhaust emissions under better control. A diesel particulate filter eliminates soot and similar residue from the exhaust as it passes through the filter. Unfortunately, that filter can become clogged over time. DPF units go through a process of regeneration either when the car is running on the highway for an extended period or during a forced regeneration if the car isn't driven on the highway often enough. Despite this regeneration, your DPF will need to be replaced periodically. Here's a look at what you need to know about the signs that you need to buy a new DPF filter.

Frequent Regeneration Cycles

If your DPF has been undergoing regeneration cycles more frequently than it usually does, that's an indication that the filter is getting dirty much faster. In most cases, this happens because the regeneration process isn't able to completely clean the filter anymore. Whether it's due to damage in the filter fibers or excessive particle accumulation, you'll find that this frequent regeneration will simply worsen until you do replace the filter. As a result, it's in your best interest to invest in a new DPF filter whenever you notice that yours is regenerating more frequently.

Reduced Engine Performance

When the DPF is clogged with particles and unable to properly clear itself, you'll notice that your engine performance is directly affected. Without adequate and proper exhaust flow, you'll suffer a loss of power in the engine. In severe cases, the engine will enter limp mode where you'll have minimal power until you have it serviced.

You'll also notice that your engine is putting out dark smoke from the exhaust, which may be paired with a strong diesel odor. The poor engine performance will also result in excessive fuel consumption. 

If you notice issues like these, it's important that you replace the filter as soon as possible.

DPF Light Indicator

There's a sensor in the system that is designed to alert you when the diesel particulate filter isn't working the way that it should. If you overlook the early signs of a DPF problem, you will eventually find that the DPF light on your dashboard will light up. When this happens, you should call your local technician right away to have the DPF replaced and have the error code reset.

These are some of the most common signs that you need to invest in a new diesel particulate filter. Talk with your technician today for more information about different DPF filters, like a Cummings DPF filter 5295609.


19 July 2021

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