When To Have The Brakes Serviced On Your Vehicle


The brakes on your car, truck, or SUV are critical to the vehicle's safety, and keeping them adequately serviced is the best way to ensure they will work when you need them to. Knowing when to service the brakes is often challenging, but having a brake service or your regular service shop check them for you can help monitor the condition so they can service them before they begin to be a problem.

Brake Inspection And Oil Changes

Making a brake inspection a regular part of your oil changes is an excellent way to ensure you catch any problem before it becomes severe enough to cause problems. When your car goes into the shop for service, the technician will put the vehicle on a lift to get under the car to drain the oil and change the oil filter. 

While the car is in the air, the brake services tech can check the condition of the pads and rotors visibly from the backside of the tire. This method does not allow for a full inspection, but it is an excellent way to determine the overall condition of the brake system. 

During any service that involves tire rotation, have the technician inspect the brake system more carefully for any signs of damage, wear, or leaks that may need addressing. If you make this check part of your regular oil change and service routine, you will catch problems early and often reduce the repair cost while keeping the car safe.

General Brake Service

If you feel there is something off with the brakes on your car, most auto brake services offer free inspections to customers coming in the first time. The tech at the brake services shop will take the tires and wheels off the vehicle, check the condition of the pads and shoes, measure the rotors and drums to ensure they are within a safe limit, and check the system for leaks.

If the technician finds a problem, they will report that to you, and the service advisor at the shop will generate an estimate for the repairs. In some cases, the issue may not be critical or cause a safety concern but could affect how the brakes feel. 

If you are unsure whether the repair is critical or can wait until your car goes into the shop for regular service, ask the technician that did the inspection. If the brakes are unsafe, they will let you know to make repairs before a failure occurs, causing a collision or breakdown. 

While the brake services shop may not be your regular service shop, often using a dedicated shop for brake repair can allow you to take advantage of special pricing. You have the peace of mind that the specialist working in the shop understand the brake system intimately so that nothing will get missed during the repairs.


17 November 2021

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