Brake Trouble 101: The Most Common Causes


When it comes to car safety, one of the most important elements is the braking system. Many car owners believe the braking system to be a complex structure that's difficult to troubleshoot or assess, but it's actually a pretty simple system. There are a few common malfunctions that you need to be attentive to when it comes to your car's brakes. Here's a look at a few common elements that your technician will check during a brake inspection.

Pads And Rotors

The pads and rotors are the primary wearable parts in your braking system, and they will need to be replaced periodically to keep your car in good condition. You'll notice sounds from your brakes if the pads wear to the metal clips, and you may notice that your brakes don't function the way that they should if the rotors sustain damage or need to be resurfaced. Your brake inspection will reveal all of this, so talk with the technician to find out about the condition of your pads and rotors.

Brake Fluid

The condition of your car's brake fluid refers to a couple of things. First, it refers to the actual physical condition of the fluid. If it's dark, dirty, or foamy, those are all signs that there's a problem with the brake fluid and it needs to be flushed and replaced.

Your technician should also check the volume of the brake fluid. The volume will indicate whether or not there's a leak in the braking system. If the brakes are leaking, it could be due to small holes in the brake lines, or problems with the master cylinder. Your brake inspection and repair technician can isolate the source of the issue.

Anti-Lock Brake System

Your car's anti-lock brake system relies on a series of sensors that engage when the brakes are pressed too hard, or the car is sliding when under brake power. Although the anti-lock brake system usually works fine, a faulty ABS sensor may cause the system to engage when it doesn't actually need to. You may notice that your brakes pulse when you pull in the driveway, or when you come to a stop sign. If you feel anything like this, you should talk with a brake inspection technician about testing your ABS sensors and replacing them if they are faulty.

These are some of the most common components of the braking system to cause trouble. Talk with a brake inspection and repair technician for more help and information.

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14 December 2021

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