Is Your Semi-Truck Steering Wheel Shaking? Here Are A Few Reasons This Could Be Happening


A steering wheel that shakes as you drive is not only annoying, but it's also dangerous. Though it may seem only a slight annoyance for some people, it signifies a serious underlying problem. In most cases, shaky steering results from tire problems but other factors can cause it. This article discusses possible reasons for shaky steering and how semi-truck auto repair services can remedy them.

Your Brake Rotor Could Be Problematic

If you notice vibrations on your steering as you brake, your brake rotors have likely begun wearing out. Besides the steering wheel shaking, you'll feel vibrations whenever you step on the gas pedal. If you recently changed your brakes, this issue could be due to poor rotor installation. Besides that, it can result from brake pads that aren't clamping together. Since the brakes play a critical role in the vehicle's overall safety, seeking semi-truck repair services should be first on your priority list.

You Likely Have Tire Alignment Issues

Your semi-truck's suspension is responsible for ensuring proper tire alignment while on the road. After prolonged driving, mainly off-road, the tires can fall out of alignment. When this happens, you'll notice vibration on your steering wheel. Besides a shaky steering wheel, a tire that isn't properly aligned can result in uneven wear. So, it's essential to seek wheel alignment services quickly to address this problem. 

Your Vehicles Suspension Could Have Hidden Issues

If you don't maintain your vehicle regularly, your semi-truck suspension will likely experience problems. When this happens, you'll notice vibrations in your steering while driving. When suspension parts such as ball joints begin making odd noises as you drive over bumps, visit a professional auto repair shop. These parts link your semi-truck steering system to the wheel. When they malfunction, your steering wheel will start shaking, and the wheels can fall out of alignment.

Your Wheel Bearing Could Be Faulty

When you notice vibration on the steering wheel as you turn, you could be having issues with your semi-truck's wheel bearing. Remember that the wheel bearing plays a critical role in ensuring that your wheel turns smoothly. So, rust buildup or breakage of the bearing can cause your steering wheel to shake as you turn.

Different reasons can cause your steering wheel to shake, as discussed above. So, as soon as you notice any slight vibration, seek the help of an experienced auto repair technician to avoid damage to other internal components.


29 March 2022

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