About Stone Chips And Having Them Repaired


You likely want to keep your car in the best shape possible, and this includes making sure the paint looks great. However, one of the threats to the paint you will have to watch out for is stone chipping. Read the information below to learn about stone chipping, as well as what can be done to repair the damage. 

What is stone chipping?

Stone chips are small chips in a car's paint that can be deep in some cases and are generally localized. It is caused by gravel and other debris on the roadway that gets flicked up and thrown into the paint as the car drives down the highway. Also, stone chips can happen while a car is parked if there is a severe wind storm that causes a lot of dirt to be blown at the car. 

How can you determine there is stone chipping in the paint?

There are different types of paint damage that can happen to your car. If you want to know if your car has stone chips, then this can be easy to tell when you know what to look for. The first thing to know is that stone chips tend to be localized to certain areas of the car since these are the areas that tend to be struck the most by gravel. These areas include the car's hood, as well as the bumpers. Stone chips look like small chips in the paint that can be as small as the size of a pinpoint, as well as a bit larger. 

What can be done to repair stone chipping?

If you have found stone chip damage in the paint on your car, then you'll likely want to take it in to have the damage repaired. The type of repair that's done will depend on the degree of the damage to your car's paint. For minor stone chips that don't go too deep, the repair may require less work. However, if the stone chipping is more widespread and/or consists of deep chips, then the repair work may require much more, such as repainting that portion of the car. 


When your car has stone chips, it can take from the car's appearance. Having the areas with stone chipping repaired can really help to improve the overall look of your car's exterior. When you have the car repaired, make sure you also take advice from the stone chip repair shop when it comes to steps that can be taken to avoid future damages of that kind.


23 June 2022

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