Does Your Vehicle Need An Oil Change? Find Out


Oil lubricates engine parts, reduces friction, and minimizes loss of power. However, your car engine oil deteriorates over time due to heat, moisture, and air. Thus, an oil change is important to enhance car efficiency and minimize engine damage. That said, you should know that the frequency of changing the oil may vary based on the oil's quality and the car's mileage. Therefore, it is always best to visit an auto service center to inspect your car and replace the oil for optimal performance. Below are telltale signs that you need to change the car engine oil. 

Strange Noises

Your car oil lubricates various engine components, which prevents the components from scrapping against each other. However, when particles and road debris infiltrate the oil, it may deteriorate and lose its lubrication qualities. Consequently, your engine might make knocking or grinding noises when moving parts rub against each other. You should know that if you don't change the oil, your car may experience premature wear. Besides, failing engine parts will increase the risk of vehicle malfunction.

Burning Smell

Note that your oil regulates the engine's temperature and protects it from adverse conditions. However, if the oil combines with soot or sludge, its viscosity changes, making it thick and dark. You should know that thick oil does not flow well and may overheat the engine. When this happens, you will notice a burning smell when your vehicle is running. 

If the engine gaskets degrade, they may weaken and leak oil. As such, the oil will trickle onto a hot component and burn, producing a burning smell. So, if you notice such a smell from your vehicle, engage an auto technician to change your oil and repair engine damage. 

Dark Textured Oil

The engine gradually collects dust and dirt that is then trapped by air filters. However, faulty filters will allow dirt to pass through and contaminate the oil. Moreover, engine wear produces tiny metal particles, which interact with the circulating oil. Consequently, the oil will turn dark and become thick, causing engine parts to overheat. Therefore, if you notice a change in oil color, it is best to replace it to ensure it has the right consistency.

Oil Service Light

An oil service light will turn on when the oil pressure in the system drops. In most cases, this may occur due to an oil leak from the gasket rupturing, causing the oil levels to drop significantly. If you ignore this signal, your engine may overheat and stall. Thus, you should visit a repair outlet to top up the oil for seamless operation

As you can see, an oil change is important for your engine's efficiency and reliability. Therefore, you should schedule regular check-ups with an auto service technician for timely oil changes.

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28 October 2022

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