Car Getting Older? Watch Out For These Transmission Problems


If your car is getting older, it may start having some problems. One thing you need to watch out for is the transmission. The transmission is important, and it can be expensive to repair or replace. Before something like this happens, below are three common problems so you can keep an eye out for them. 

Problems Switching Gears

If you have a manual transmission on your car, you will feel it wobble while it is trying to switch gears or lose a little power. If you have a manual transmission, you will hear a grinding sound when you try to switch gears. One thing that can cause this problem is being low on transmission fluid. Check this and add the right amount of fluid if it is low. Your problem should then go away. If the transmission fluid has not been changed in a long time, take your car to a mechanic to flush the fluid and replace it all with new fluid.

Another sign of transmission slipping is hearing a revving sound when shifting gears. This can be caused if the link in the transmission is damaged. The link is the part that holds the gears in place. If it is broken, the gears will not be able to switch normally. 

Leaking Transmission Fluid

If you notice a red fluid on the driveway or ground when your car is parked, you have a transmission fluid leak. Even if the leak is small, this is a sign that there are problems with the transmission. If you see a lot of fluid, it is important that you take your car to a mechanic right away. 

Broken or cracked fluid lines are the common cause of transmission fluid leaks. This can happen over time as the vehicle ages. When you are driving, debris can hit these lines and crack or break them. To repair this problem, a mechanic can replace the fluid lines for you. Something more serious is there may be a problem with the axle seal, or the torque pump may be cracked. This is much more expensive to repair. 

Hearing Strange Noises

You may hear strange noises while driving your car if you are having transmission problems. If you have an automatic transmission, you may hear grinding, clunking or whining noises. If you have a manual transmission, you will hear a loud knocking sound when you switch gears. You may hear a whining or clunking sound as well. 

Hearing sounds can be caused by many things, such as problems with planetary gears or torque converter. Take your car to a mechanic immediately. If you continue to drive it, you will pay high repair bills or have to replace the transmission with a new one.

A mechanic can tell you of other signs that you are having transmission problems.  


19 January 2023

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