3 Kinds Of Auto Window Tint


Tinting your car windows can make it more comfortable when you are in the car because it can cut down on glare. Tinted windows can also help to maintain some privacy in your car because it will be harder for people to see into your car while not blocking you from seeing out. Different kinds of tint can be applied to your windows if you want to get your windows tinted. So, what are some of the types of auto glass tints that you can get for your car?

Carbon Tinting  

Carbon window tinting is one of the best kinds of tinting you could apply to your car windows. Carbon particles are embedded in the film, which makes the tint dark. There are several reasons why carbon window tint films are one of the better options. One is that the color doesn't change as it ages, meaning it will be as dark five years in the future as it was when it was applied. Another is that it is pretty insulating. That means it helps to keep the day's heat out of your car. It will still heat up inside your car but won't heat up as much as it would without carbon tinting. 

Ceramic Tinting

This is probably the best of your choices. It is also going to be the most expensive choice. The window tint film is embedded with ceramic fibers. Of all the kinds of window tinting, it will give you the most insulation from the sun and keep your car cooler. It will also block more UV rays than other options. That means that the interior of your car isn't going to fade from exposure to those UV rays. Ceramic tinting film also tends to cut the glare better than other options, so you can apply a lighter shade of tint to your car if that's what you want. 

Dyed Tinting

Dyed tinting is one of the most common choices. The tinting film is made up of several layers of film that have been dyed to the right color. As the light goes through each layer of film, more and more light is absorbed. If you need your car's windows tinted, this can be a good option if your budget is tight. 

Having tinted windows in your car can keep it cooler, cut the glare, and save your car's interior. You can choose from different kinds of auto glass window tint. 


20 June 2023

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