When it’s time to repair your car’s brakes


It's important to keep your car's brakes in good condition for your safety on the road. Any malfunction in the brakes can lead to accidents or collisions. But how do you know when it's time to repair your car's brakes? This article will go over the signs that show you need to fix your brake system.

1. Squeaky sounds

If you hear a squeaking or screeching noise when you step on the brakes, then your car's brake pads need to be inspected. Brake pads are crucial in slowing down your car, and when they're worn out, they can produce a loud noise. Keep in mind that it's normal for brakes to make some noise, but these sounds must be attended to avoid further problems.

2. Unresponsive brakes

If you press the brake pedal and it takes longer than usual to slow down or stop your car, then it's time for brake inspection. Spongy brakes can indicate that your brake system has air in the lines, which is a sign that the brakes need to be repaired or bled.

3. Vibrations

Are you experiencing vibrations or shaking when you step on the brakes? If you are, it's a sign that your brake rotors are warped. When on the brake pedal, the brake rotors engage with the brake pads, generating friction that brings your car to a stop. In this case, the brake rotors need to be machined or replaced to prevent further vibration problems.

4. Dashboard warning light

There are some sensors in your car's brake system that trigger a warning light on your dashboard when the brakes require repair. This dashboard indicator may be red, yellow, or amber, depending on the severity and type of brake issue you're facing. Ensure you take it seriously and have your brake system inspected by a professional mechanic.

5. Low brake fluid

Brake fluid plays a crucial role in effectively transferring the force from the brake pedal to the entire braking system, ensuring smooth and responsive braking performance. If the brake fluid level in your car is low, then you need to check the four brake components for possible wear and tear that may have led to the fluid loss. Contact a reliable brake technician for an appointment.

As you've read so far, you can always tell if your car's brakes require repair from some warning signs. Anytime you detect any of these issues, you should get your brakes inspected and repaired immediately by an experienced mechanic. Contact your local car repair shop to make an appointment. 


29 September 2023

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