How To Confidently Hire Event Valet Parking


Event valet parking is often critical to putting together a function. The issue of finding a company that does top-tier event valet parking management, though, can be a challenge. You probably don't need these sorts of services all the time, and it can be hard to look at providers and feel confident that you can make an apples-to-apples comparison. Let's take a look at three things you can do to feel more confident about the process.

2 October 2019

4 Signs Your Transmission Needs Service


One thing you don't want going bad on your car is your transmission. When the transmission needs to be replaced, sometimes, it's better just to scrap the car and buy something different. You see, transmission replacement isn't cheap and it isn't a project that most at-home mechanics can do on their own. So, to protect your car's transmission, know the signs that there's something that needs repaired or serviced to prevent complete destruction of the transmission.

23 July 2019

3 Important Actions To Take When Buying A Pre-Owned Vehicle


If you're in the market for a new vehicle but don't have a huge budget, pre-owned may be the best option. These vehicles have been used, and as such, won't cost as much as a new vehicle. To ensure you walk away completely satisfied with this automotive purchase, take the following steps.  Identify a Purpose Since there are so many pre-owned vehicles you can purchase today on the market, it helps to identify a purpose for this purchase.

24 June 2019

3 Amazing Benefits Of Paintless Dent Repair For Vehicle Owners


At some point, you're probably going to experience a few dents in your vehicle. This is perfectly natural, but they don't have to be permanent thanks to auto body paintless dent repair. This restorative process comes with the following advantages.  More Affordable  Unfortunately, with traditional dent repair, it can take quite a while to complete. This is particularly true if the dents are pretty severe. What this does is drive up the labor cost, which can put a lot of financial strain on vehicle owners.

28 May 2019

2 Mistakes While Caring for Your New Luxury Car That May Result in Costly Repairs


If you have recently purchased your first new luxury car, such as a BMW, you may not completely understand some of the intricacies of taking care of a high-end vehicle. As a result, you may wind up making mistakes that could result in costly repairs. And, even if you take your car to your regular mechanic, they may not have the proper training to work on such vehicles and could possibly make the same mistakes.

8 May 2019

Why Do My Tires Need To Be Aligned So Often?


Does it seem like you have to keep getting your tires aligned way too often? You're not alone. Alignment seems like one of those things you should do periodically, of course, but not every few months. If you keep getting told by your mechanic that you need another tire alignment, more than you usually do, it's time to find out the real cause. Sometimes that cause is something that can't really be helped that much -- but at least you'll know what's really going on.

27 March 2019

Teach Your Teen How To Handle Roadside Emergencies Safely


Few things are as stressful on a parent as letting a teen take the car out without any adult supervision. This rite of passage has to happen at some point, and if you do your job and prepare your teen for the responsibilities and all of the things that can happen when they're out and about, they'll be just fine. Here, you'll find a few tips to help you make sure that your teen driver knows what to do in the event of a roadside emergency.

19 February 2019

3 Simple Tactics To Protect Your Car Windshield From Hail


With sizes ranging from just five millimeters all the way up to six inches in diameter, hailstones are a common concern for vehicle owners because these things can cause so much damage when they are hurled from the sky. Your biggest concern will be protecting your windshield from getting damaged during a storm that includes hail. Take a look at a few simple tactics to protect your car windshield during a hailstorm.

7 January 2019

Three Questions About Wheel Alignments


Does your car seem to have a mind of its own and moving to one side of the road? This is a problem that should be taken seriously, because it can potentially lead to an accident. A car that is drifting to one side is an indication that there is an issue with the alignment of the wheels. If both wheels are not pointed in the exact same direction, it can cause the car to pull to the side.

12 November 2018

Symptoms Telling You To Check Your Brakes


The brakes on your car will need to be replaced and repaired from time to time. How do you know when it's time to take your car in to have your brakes looked at? Here, you'll find a few symptoms of bad brakes that tell you it's time to get the car in for repairs. Shimmying Steering Wheel When you press on your brake pedal, the car should begin to slow and come to a smooth stop.

25 September 2018