3 Simple Tactics To Protect Your Car Windshield From Hail


With sizes ranging from just five millimeters all the way up to six inches in diameter, hailstones are a common concern for vehicle owners because these things can cause so much damage when they are hurled from the sky. Your biggest concern will be protecting your windshield from getting damaged during a storm that includes hail. Take a look at a few simple tactics to protect your car windshield during a hailstorm.

7 January 2019

Three Questions About Wheel Alignments


Does your car seem to have a mind of its own and moving to one side of the road? This is a problem that should be taken seriously, because it can potentially lead to an accident. A car that is drifting to one side is an indication that there is an issue with the alignment of the wheels. If both wheels are not pointed in the exact same direction, it can cause the car to pull to the side.

12 November 2018

Symptoms Telling You To Check Your Brakes


The brakes on your car will need to be replaced and repaired from time to time. How do you know when it's time to take your car in to have your brakes looked at? Here, you'll find a few symptoms of bad brakes that tell you it's time to get the car in for repairs. Shimmying Steering Wheel When you press on your brake pedal, the car should begin to slow and come to a smooth stop.

25 September 2018

Commercial Fleet Management Tips To Consider


Many commercial enterprises will need a fairly large fleet of vehicles to function. While this can be a necessity, it can also represent a sizable logistical challenge as managing and maintaining a large number of vehicles can quickly become an overwhelming responsibility if you are unprepared. Appreciate The Ways A Rigorous Fleet Management Program Can Benefit Your Enterprise It is a common situation for business owners to take a fairly hands-off approach when it comes to their vehicle fleet.

24 August 2018

How To Tell If Your Semi's Transmission Is Failing


Owning your own transportation company can be a great way to generate income, but only if the trucks in your fleet remain in good working condition over time. Transmission troubles could sideline your semis for an extended period of time, so it's important that you are able to spot these transmission problems early and invest in the repairs needed to keep your trucks on the road. Here are three signs to be looking for as you monitor the condition of your semi's transmission in the future.

1 December 2017

A Vehicle Owner's Guide To Understanding Brake Calipers


Brake calipers are the part of the brakes that connect the force on the brake pedal to the brake pads. This is done through hydraulic fluid within the actuators and the calipers used on both front and rear brakes. As a vehicle owner, it is normal to want to know more about brake calipers. When Are Brake Calipers Needed? Calipers are found on cars that use disc brakes. The majority of vehicles have them on the front wheels, and many also now have them on the rear wheels.

11 August 2016

3 Maintenance Tasks To Help Your Car Deal With Extreme Heat And Avoid Overheating


The summer heat means that cars get a lot of extra wear do to the heat. Just like you may be overwhelmed by heatwaves, the same thing can happen to your car without proper care. Since most cars are air cooled with fans and radiators, modern commutes in traffic can compound these problems. To avoid these problems, maintenance like flushing the coolant and checking auxiliary fans can help reduce the potential for overheating problems.

2 August 2016

Four Commonly Heard Misconceptions About Maintaining A Foreign Car


There are a few common misconceptions out there about foreign vehicles. If you fall under the influence of any of these misconceptions, it could cause you to spend more than you need to on vehicle maintenance or pay for service from mechanics that aren't qualified to work on your car. The following are four of the most common misconceptions about maintaining a vehicle produced by an overseas manufacturer:  Foreign vehicles require more costly maintenance than domestic vehicles.

26 July 2016

Tips For Inspecting Your Chimney Before Winter


With the end of summer approaching, it's the perfect time to start prepping your chimney for the winter season ahead. If this is the first pre-season inspection you've done, you might not know what you should be looking for. You can't always see the problems just by glancing at the chimney, so there are a few things you should be aware of.  Look At The Mortar The mortar holds the bricks of your chimney together.

20 July 2016

Can't Get Your Tire Indication Light To Go Off?


Your tire pressure warning light has come on. At first, you thought it was just a warning to say you need to pump the air up in your tires. Now, you can't get it to turn off, so what does it really mean? What do you need to do right now? Is It Operating Correctly? The first thing to check sit that your tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) is working correctly.

12 July 2016