Know Your BMW: The 4 Signs Of Transmission Trouble


A BMW can be a beauty of a machine. It is designed to drive with courage, coast with ease, and steer like magic. Of course, you only get this experience if your BMW is in good shape. A BMW in need of repair is not just inconvenient, but it can be downright dangerous. Furthermore, one of the most important parts of your BMW is the transmission. Therefore, be sure to keep a lookout for these 4 signs of transmission trouble and seek a repair professional (such as one from August European) if you suspect an issue: 

20 January 2016

Car Tips: 4 Reasons Your Car Isn't Starting


You expect your car to start when you turn the key, but what if it doesn't? Hopefully the following guide will help you find out what is going on during this frustrating time.  The Battery One of the common reasons your car may not start may be your battery. You may already know how to get a jump start from a friendly fellow driver, or you can follow the link to learn.

23 December 2015

Transmission Tips: Simple Maintenance & Proper Handling


Making sure your transmission is in good condition is as much your responsibility as it is your transmission specialist. The following is a simple guide to care for your transmission that may help extend its life. Maintenance For Your Transmission The transmission is a complicated compartment in your car that requires a specialized technician to diagnose problems, making it an expensive part to repair should you need to. This compartment--in simple terms--helps translate your power and direction needs to your wheels, so it is important to take care of this part of your vehicle.

12 November 2015

3 Signs That You Need Your Transmission Serviced


Having to rebuild your vehicle's transmission can easily be the most expensive car repair to deal with and this is why recognizing transmission problems before they escalate is critical. Whether you drive an automatic or manual transmission vehicle, there are a few things that can inform you of any defects that you transmission may have, such as the following: Rattle and Grinding Noises When Shifting: When your vehicle shifts into a higher or lower gear is there noise present?

6 November 2015

4 Tips To Stop Premature Tire Wear Dead In Its Tracks


Sometimes you wonder what happened to your tires; you just replaced them a few months ago, and they are worn out already. Why are your tires wearing out prematurely? How can you stop this? Here are a four tips you can follow to stop premature tire wear dead in its tracks. Tip #1: Frequently Rotate Your Tires Your car tires do not perform the same functions when it comes to breaking and loading.

22 October 2015

You Do Have a Choice in Brake Pads


Most people who take their cars in for brake repairs just accept the brake pads the technician chooses for them. You do have a choice of brake pad materials, though. Here are those choices and why you may want something other than the default replacement pad you would get from the auto shop. Semi-Metallic Brake Pads This is probably the brake pad you'll get if you don't ask for a specific type.

14 October 2015

RV Black Water Tank Overfill False Alarms


One thing that no RV owner wants to experience during a road trip is black water tank issues. The black water tank is the holding tank for the human waste flushed down the toilet. If this tank overflows, you face a number of issues that you honestly don't want to have to deal with. To avoid this problem, most tanks are equipped with overfill alarms. Unfortunately, the level indicators and alarms can provide you with false readings, but here, you will find how what you can do to put a stop to false alarms.

28 September 2015